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Julie Laurenz


Julie is the heart of Nguni TV. Having started in the industry 20 years ago, she specializes in storytelling, whether it be documentary making, travelogues, food inspired programming or

investigative journalism. Not only creative and versatile, Julie’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to produce programmes that meet broadcasters needs exactly, has resulted in her receiving many awards for her work.

Julie is also an accomplished camera woman, having filmed in extreme and distant locations all over the world. Having studied both fine art and drama, she knows how to choreograph and frame shots in a way that best communicates the principles of dramatic story telling.
Julie is also an experienced editor and scriptwriter.

Recent South African Awards

2011 – Vodacom Journalist of the year KZN – TV features
2011 – SAB Environmental Journalist merit award
International Awards
2000 – African Journalist of the Year (AJF)
2004 – Kingdom Film Awards. Category Winner Documentary
2005 – CNN African Journalist of the Year – General TV News
2008 – Lorenzo Natali European Commission Award for Human Rights Democracy and
Development First Prize
2008 - Bridgett Bardot Genesis Award – Commended for the Creation of Awareness of Wildlife Issues


Julie Laurenz
EMAIL: jacqui@nguni.tv

Raised in Sri Lanka, Jacqui can best be described as a little out of her mind!  But let it not be said that she hasn’t a sharp one. She has presented, directed and produced a number of eco-travel, cultural and wild life series featuring destinations globally. These were flighted in South Africa, on DSTV Satelite Channels throughout sub saharan Africa , the Discovery Channel and on Sky Travel.

Jacqui also produces for the Super Sport Channel, children’s programmes and documentaries.   

Brave and tenacious, Jacqui is also a big softy. The first to weep on a shoot and to offer comfort, Jacqui gives her all to every story. An Award winning actress with her roots in the theatre world and her love of storytelling to make a difference, she thrives in the search for tales that deserve to be told, and believes it a great privilege to bring these to the viewers who need to know. 


In an illustrious career spanning more than 20 years, print, radio and television personality Terence Pillay has seen it all and indeed, done it all. Moving from a presenter in front of the camera on shows like KZN2Nite, Good Morning South Africa, Impressions, Free Spirit and Front Row, this charismatic mikesmith has in the last two and a half years taken on the airwaves at East Coast Radio in his sometimes controversial, no-holds-barred show The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on the radio station’s Friday morning breakfast show.
In addition Pillay corresponds for the station in special segments called On Assignment with Terence Pillay where he delves into pressing issues facing the east coast, the country and the world.
His stories have taken him around the world, from uncovering child prostitution in Madagascar to shadowing England’s super-cop to spending a day in supermodel Gina Athans’ shoe cupboard in London and boating his way down the Nile in Egypt. An intrepid explorer at heart, his work on television shows like MNet’s Studio 53 and Carte Blanche have also seen him travel to the far reaches of the globe to bring back exciting and compelling stories for the pay channel.
And among this vast and varied anthology of work, Pillay has interviewed some of the world’s leading personalities, including: Hilary Swank, the Dalai Lama, Enrique Iglesias, Naomi Campbell, John Cleese, DaveAnnabel, Preity Zinta, Luke McFarlane, Joe Cocker, Howie Mandel and a slew of other international and South African stars.
Pillay has just finished a television cooking show for MNet’s Mzanzi Magic Channel 107 called Flavours of Mzanzi and is a correspondent for Global Health TV, a UK-based television channel, Flickerhoof, an online glitzy television magazine show and is the voice of a chain of hotel’s in-house television show called CityInfo TV.

EMAIL: chris@laurenz.co.za | TEL: +27 83 747 8659

I first started taking photographs 18 years ago as a backpacking teenager on a 4 year jaunt in London. My first camera was a Canon Eos 10 d and soon after my robust Nikon FM2 which I bought with my brother, which I still have today.

As a professional photographer I have covered all genres of photography from high end fashion to gritty editorial imagery. I get involved from the beginning starting with conceptualization, stylish execution, right through to delivery of the final product.

I particularly like editorial work. It’s the chance to tell a story that I like. I’ve worked for most well known publications; Men’s Health, GQ, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and SA Sports illustrated to name a few. Food and fashion are also fun, but travel is first prize. I use latest technology in photographic production and post-shoot imaging. I’m pretty meticulous so I obsess about the finest detail.

The move to film making was a natural progression.
If you like what you’ve read, visit my website: www.laurenz.co.za

TEL: +27 83 233 0901

Ryan is ranked as one of the top Camera Operators and D.O.P s in South Africa. He has his own extremely creative style and pays keen attention to the composition of every shot. Ryan has over 14 years of television and corporate filming experience since graduating from the Durban University of Technology in 1998. Currently he films for a number of prestigous programmes and channels inlclusive of MNET'S CARTE BLANCHE, SABC 50/50, SABC ‘CUTTING EDGE’ SABC ‘SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT’. He produces and films on a regular basis for DSTV'S Super Sports Channels.

He has extensive experiance on a variety of different camera formats from DVCAM, Beta CAM to HD. Ryan is a qualified underwater cameraman. He is in great demand for his water camera work and arial camera work. He shoots for challenging international water and land events both here in South Africa and international destinations.
He has produced and filmed for a number of international webcasting productions and international channels - The Discovery Channel, French Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Sports Channel, United States Broadcasting and ESPN.

Ryan has filmed for many documentary series on international Eco-tourism and wildlife shoots in the far East and Africa.

Michael Holthuysen is unique.

6.4ft, Michael was born in town if Oberhausen in Germany. In his late teens he went to work in the tourism industry in South Africa. It didn’t take him long to fall in love with the people, the climate and the beauty of the place.

Ever since, he has taken every opportunity to explore the continent. He knows every dusty road and capital high street. He has danced to the beat of the drums in Rwanda and boogied till late in the nightclubs of Maptuto, Mozambique.

He knows where to get the tastiest meals and who the local town mayor is – in fact he knows her personally!
He also knows what not to do and where not to go. Traveling in strange towns and remote areas has its dangers. Michael makes no bones about telling it like it is.
But best of all he know how to make the most of a trip to an African country on a decent budget.
Michael has visited 150 countries on all the continents and speaks 12 languages – so chances are he’s not going to get you lost. He’s also a qualified diver master and an Emergency First Response Instructor. He also has an Air Safety Certificate for Airport Operations – we did say he was unique!

Today Michael is a South African citizen and a son of Africa and a co-producer with Julie Laurenz on the series “Awesome Africa”

Julie Laurenz
EMAIL: marilyn@nguni.tv

Marilyn Duke worked as a professional portrait and wedding photographer for 15 years, but honed her managerial skills in the tough world of advertising.  In this field, she worked with Media in many categories, including Print and Television Media, both above and below the line. With  this fundamental understanding of how media works, together with her ability to manage a team of creative individuals, Marilyn has become an invaluable member of the NguniTV Team. She is tenacious, organised and keeps the cogs of the company running smoothly.